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Our Value Proposition

Evermore Capital is here is help empower all Canadians to take control of their investing.

Myron Genyk, CFA

Myron Genyk, CFA

Myron is the CEO & Co-Founder of Evermore Capital. Prior to Evermore, Myron started his career at National Bank on the derivatives desk structuring innovative ETFs, before moving to BlackRock Canada to oversee ETF capital markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all Canadians to take control of their investing. How are we doing that?

First, we create world-class, low-fee, goal-based investment solutions. Currently, our Evermore Retirement ETFs are the only target date ETFs anywhere in the world, for the first time providing all Canadians low-fee access to the target date model, used extensively in so many RRSP and 401(k) group plans.

Second, we create educational content that is useful to new and seasoned investors, including FAQs, blog articles, as well as content across many different social media platforms (you can find us on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin). Having a better understanding of investing and the investment landscape means being able to make much better decisions and knowing how to avoid making mistakes.

Taking control of your investing

Taking control of your investing means that your investing does not control you. It means not compulsively checking stock prices every day.   Not stressing where your portfolio is at now versus last week. Being free from the latest noise about company earnings, economic indicators, or central bank decisions. It means avoiding all the behaviours that may cause you to over-trade your portfolio, which, statistically, is a mug’s game.

Being invested in the markets and adding to your investments in a systematic way improves your chances of achieving your financial goals. To do it right, you need to invest in the right kind of product – something that makes it easy to invest in stocks and bonds, and something that allows you to keep some of those compulsive human nature tendencies in check.

This is exactly why we created the Evermore Retirement ETFs – to provide Canadians a robust investment solution to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Goal-Based Investing

We all have personal goals. Maybe your goal is to learn a new language or new musical instrument; maybe it’s walking 10,000 steps each day or running 4 marathons a year; maybe it’s just being able to get 15 minutes of peace in your day! Then there are other types of goals that you may have: putting kids through college or university, buying a cottage, or retiring one day – the kinds of goals that require a lot of money.

Enter financial goals. The only real purpose of financial goals is to help you achieve your personal goals. That’s it, there really isn’t anything else. The goal of investing isn’t to get rich, simply because being rich isn’t a magical destination to which you arrive and settle in – just ask any rich person. The whole point of investing is to help you achieve something bigger at some point your life (or perhaps even after). Think of money as just one ingredient in the recipe of a personal goal.

This is what is meant by goal-based investing. It means investing to enable you to reach a personal goal. When you think about your personal goals, it forces you to establish the financial goals that are necessary to achieve those personal goals. After you get started, you can track how close you are to achieving your financial goals. Once you start thinking about investing like this, you’ll be able to take better control of your investments.

Danger Zones

Now that you’re thinking about investing in terms of achieving financial goals to enable personal goals, there are three general types of mistakes that investors can make, which make it much harder to achieve financial goals:

  1. Not investing at all. Some people believe that investing is risky – and it is – but they believe that not investing is less risky. In the short-term, this is true. If you have short-term personal goals, the money for this is best kept in cash or GICs. But if you have longer-term personal goals, like retirement, you are at greater risk of not achieving your financial goal if you are not invested in the markets.
  2. Taking on too much risk. There are many ways to take on too much risk. Lack of diversification across investment styles/factors, industries, and countries adds quite a bit of risk to a portfolio. There are also many speculative things you could buy (or short sell) which resemble lottery tickets more than a sensible investment – anything that sounds way too good to be true usually is.
  3. High fees. So many Canadians are unaware of the fees they are paying on their investments, and the incredibly detrimental effect these high fees can have on their portfolios. The average Canadian could have hundreds of thousands of dollars more as they enter retirement simply by moving from high-fee investment solutions to low-fee counterparts that offer very similar exposure. For Canadians with slightly higher-than-average means, this differential could be in the millions of dollars.

Historical data, empirical studies, and leading financial theory all point to low-fee, index-based, diversified investing as being better than most actively managed/individual stock picking strategies to achieve long-term financial goals. If this sounds boring to you, that’s totally fine – investing should be boring. And if you seek excitement, there are much better ways to scratch that itch!

So, the natural question is, how do you ensure that you’re invested in the markets, not taking on too much risk, not paying high fees? Oh yes, and it’s all in furtherance of some financial goal. Balancing all that – on top of having a career, a family, hobbies, a life! – can be really overwhelming. Especially if you were already apprehensive about investing before reading this.

The Evermore Retirement ETFs

As mentioned at off the top, we created the Evermore Retirement ETFs to help people realize their financial goal of funding their retirement. So, what exactly makes the Evermore Retirement ETFs so special? Here are six characteristics that make them a great choice for your RRSP or TFSA:

  1. They are easy to manage. Choosing which Evermore Retirement ETF to invest in can be as simple as estimating when you think you will retire. For example, if you think you’ll retire at age 65, and you’ll be turning 65 in 2044, then you might want to consider the Evermore Retirement 2045 ETF. Then, as you accumulate savings and contribute money into your TFSA or RRSP, you can keep investing those savings into the same Evermore Retirement ETF, each and every year. Then eventually, when you reach retirement, rather than having a myriad of investments to choose from when cashing out, you only have one fund, making the decumulation process easy to manage, too.
  2. We do all the work. The Evermore Retirement ETFs are target date funds, meaning our portfolio management team adjusts their asset allocation over years and decades according to a glide path created to maximize your odds of meeting your retirement goals. Our team is also always exploring the most efficient ways to get exposure to all these stocks and bonds. We’re also constantly looking at the portfolio of each Evermore Retirement ETF, to make sure that everything’s on weight, and if it’s not, we quickly bring things back in line. And we even do a little currency hedging, just to provide a smoother journey. We do all the work, so that you don’t have to.
  3. They are very diversified. Each Evermore Retirement ETF offers exposure to over 8,000 stocks and 17,000 bonds from about 75 countries. So even though you’re buying just one fund, you’re getting exposure to a lot of different stocks and bonds. What’s great about this is, you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out on anything. Think of pretty much any big company, or any industry – the chances are pretty good that you’ll have a bit of exposure to it in each Evermore Retirement ETF.
  4. You can buy them anywhere. The Evermore Retirement ETFs are available on all direct investing platforms in Canada. Anywhere you can buy a stock, you can buy an ETF. Chances are, wherever you do your banking and borrowing has a direct investing platform, so you can do your investing there, too.
  5. We are transparent with how they work. If you want to learn more about how exactly the Evermore Retirement ETFs work, we have plenty of resources on our website. We understand that learning about the nuts and bolts of investing can be head-spinning. But when you want to learn more, we have everything you need. And if you have further questions, you’re always welcome to reach out to us.
  1. They are low fee. We discussed how fees can eat away at investments, especially in the long-term. When it comes to goals, there are very few that are longer-term than retirement. So, it was very important to us to make the Evermore Retirement ETFs as low-fee as possible. At 0.35%, their management fee is about is a fraction of the management fee of target date mutual funds, and lower than Canada’s leading robo-advisors.

We sought to create the very best possible retirement investment solution. And we believe we have done just that. 

Conclusions – Your Investment Journey

All Canadians deserve to be empowered on their investment journey. This means having a good understanding of why investing is important and how to avoid costly mistakes. And it means having access to investment solutions that will help them achieve their financial goals, so that they can reach their personal goals.

We are helping Canadians take control of their investments by creating useful, engaging educational content, and by providing world-class, low-fee, goal-based investment solutions, starting with the Evermore Retirement ETFs.

We believe that our investment approach makes sense for Canadians who are long-term and disciplined. We want to provide Canadians an easy and systematic approach to become better investors. Because when more Canadians are able to achieve their financial goals, they’re more confident they’ll be able to achieve their personal goals. That’s a Canada that we should all want. 


Commissions, fees and expenses may be associated with investment funds. Read a fund’s prospectus before investing. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and investors may experience a gain or loss. Past performance may not be repeated.

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